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Virtual Learning Lab


Caterpillar Corner Childcare Center
2168 Cedar st., Holt
p. 517-889-5348

Lansing School District :
Reo elementary, Gardner Elementary, Lyon elementary, Post Oak Elementary, Riddle Elementary, Willow Elementary, Forest View Elementary
p. 517-477-0899, 517-477-0771

Pontiac School District
770 E Walton Blvd, Pontiac MI 48340
p. 248-622-4437

Virtual Learning Lab


Open to all, ages 5 to 13 years old. 

Ages 5-13. All 5 year olds must be enrolled in Kindergarten


$130 per week full time

Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify.


DHS will be accepted and participants will need to contact Trent Roberts at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important that your child come with the correct technology, charger, and headphones with a microphone a mask or face covering. Students may also need a calculator. Check with your child’s teacher to confirm all the items they will need.  Schedules for that week from their teachers. All items should be in a backpack or closed bag and labeled with your childs name on it.

Our staff have numerous years of experience in child development, childcare and/school-age programs. The staff have a wide variety of experience and education pertinent to youth programming. They also have first aid/CPR,  Background checks, finger printed, child abuse prevention and are trained to respond in an emergency. Staff are not certified teachers and will be focused on facilitating a learning and fun environment for district teachers to teach remotely. Our Program is to assist your child with their virtual learning time and help with assignments when needed. There is no one-on-one instruction. Each childs teacher will have virtual office hours that we can facilitate when needed.

Caterpillar corner has planned extensively to minimize the risk of spreading Covid-19. All staff wear a mask and students will wear masks. If a child is unable to wear a mask due to health reasons, face shields are acceptable. All spaces have been designed to accommodate social distancing and groups will not be larger than 3 at a table. Rooms are cleaned after each use along with all equipment, games and toys. Learning classrooms are kept apart during the day with the exception of the beginning and end of every day during drop off and pick up times. Staff also disinfect all surfaces and room daily and ulv foggers are used weekly.

As a licensed program we are able to accept DHS payments from the State of Michigan. If you qualify for DHS you will need to contact Ladawn Caldwell 517-883-3739 prior to starting care. If you are not eligible for DHS assistance and enrolled in the Lansing School District they have committed to awarding each family $130 a week toward the cost of the program. This will be billed by Caterpillar Corner and you will just be responsible for the difference in cost. If neither of these options apply to you please let us know and we may have other options. funds are distributed based on availability.

Ages 5-13. All 5 year olds must be enrolled in Kindergarten

It is the parents responsibility to make sure your child has all log in information so that we can facilitate their learning.

You will need to be in constant communication with your child’s teacher and the school district. We will provide safe learning environment for your child to participate in virtual learning; however, you know best what your child’s educational needs are.

Please make sure your child brings their device in a protective case provided by you or the school district. Please make sure to discuss with your child about storing their equipment correctly after use, we cannot be responsible for lost or broken technology.

If your child requires an aide please let us know so that we may assist in acquiring care that meets your childs specific needs.

Any Lansing School District Student will be provided with a prepackage breakfast and Lunch. All other students will be required to bring their own breakfast and lunch. Refrigeration is limited.

Due to Covid 19 our drop off and pick up will be a contactless procedure. When you arrive in the morning you will stay in your vehicles. A staff member will come to your car and have you sign a covid 19 exposure form. Your child is required to wear a mask. All children will have their temperature checked with a digital thermometer. If your child passes, they will then be directed to their room and the parent will leave. For everyone’s safety the parent will not be allowed to get out of their vehicle or enter the building. Parents will communicate with staff through a communication app and will be given access to the app when enrolled. For Pick up you will be asked to send a message through the App to your assigned room staff. They will get your child ready for pick up and bring them to the door for your arrival.