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Did You Know We Have A Free Preschool Program With A State-Approved Curriculum?

Welcome To Our Loving, Family-Owned Second Home

Discover the warmth of a family-owned childcare center where your child’s well-being is our top priority. Our close-knit environments encourage a sense of belonging, ensuring a home away from home for your little one.

Transparent Relationships With An Onsite Dedicated Director

Our dedicated director, Regina Fancher, brings over 20 years of experience to the table. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that communication and collaboration are at the heart of your child’s experience, fostering a strong partnership between home and daycare.

Proudly Rated 4-Stars From The Great Start To Quality State Program!

Expertise You Can Trust: Credentialed Teachers with CDAs

Trust your child’s early education to our credentialed teachers, each holding a Child Development Associate (CDA) qualification. Benefit from experienced professionals who understand the unique needs of young learners, providing a solid foundation for their future academic success.

Play-Based Learning Means Holistic Development

Watch your child flourish through play-based learning that emphasizes creativity and social interaction. Our carefully crafted curriculum ensures a holistic approach to development, sparking curiosity and a love for learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Creative Curriculum®: Igniting Their Imagination

Experience the magic of The Creative Curriculum®, designed to ignite your child’s imagination. Our innovative approach encourages exploration, problem-solving, and self-expression, laying the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning.
Yoga, Music, Art, Gymnastics, & Karate Included In Your Tuition

Yoga, Music, Art, Gymnastics, & Karate Included In Your Tuition

Give your child the gift of a well-rounded education with enrichments like yoga, music, art, gymnastics, and karate. Nurture their interests and talents while promoting physical activity and social interaction in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere—all included in your tuition.

Daily Outdoor Play Promotes Their Healthy Development

Witness your child’s healthy development as they engage in daily outdoor play. Our secure, fenced-in yards provide the perfect backdrop for physical activity, encouraging gross motor skills and a deep appreciation for the great outdoors.

Nutritious Meals Included At No Extra Cost To You

You can feel confident knowing that here your child receives nutritious, homemade, and peanut-free meals every day. Our commitment to providing a well-balanced diet ensures your little one thrives physically and mentally.

Safety First: Comprehensive Security Measures You Trust

Rest easy knowing your child is in safe hands with our comprehensive security measures. From security cameras and live streaming cameras to CPR-certified staff and fenced-in yards, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your precious one.

Pro-Cleaners, Disinfecting Foggers, & Air Purifiers

Experience a meticulously clean environment with our hygiene excellence measures. Our team utilizes pro-cleaners, disinfecting foggers, and air purifiers to ensure a germ-free space, creating a healthy and safe haven for your child’s exploration and growth.

Hear What Parents Have To Say...

"Your children will receive the best care possible..."
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The owners are great people who care deeply about family and the well-being of others. Your children will receive the best care possible at Caterpillar Corner because they continuously strive to re-evaluate themselves, their staffing, the center, and how to continue offering excellent childcare to your loved ones.

- Rachael Brown

"The facility is clean and orderly..."
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We love Caterpillar Corner! The staff is kind and caring and goes above and beyond to ensure the kiddos are loved and cared for. The facility is clean and orderly, and issues are promptly and thoroughly addressed. I was so nervous about putting my new baby in daycare, but the staff at CC made the transition easy and painless for us, and my son has always enjoyed attending!

- Sarah Guild

"She learns more than I would ever expect..."
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We love CC! We’ve been taking our daughter there for almost four years now. The teachers always go above and beyond for her; she learns more than I would ever expect! I highly recommend CC!

- Ashley Housler

"I’ve had such a great experience..."
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I’ve had such a great experience with Caterpillar Corner. I can't say enough good things about the staff and the care my children received. I visited a lot of daycares in the area, and I am thrilled with my decision. I highly recommend this center!

- Darden Family

"I’ve had such a great experience..."
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Both of my kids are in the before and aftercare program. Before that, my daughter was in their care for almost five years and my son for six. They are like a second family now. Thanks to all the staff and their hard work!

- Stephanie Morris

"They have an excellent location, friendly staff,..."
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Great place! They have an excellent location, friendly staff, and a clean, happy environment. CC is also very cost-effective! As soon as you enter the doors, you become family! I wouldn't put my child anywhere else!

- Stacy Hall

"They give me close family-like vibes..."
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CC always welcomes us with smiling, happy faces! My boys love everyone there, and everyone truly cares about my boys! I have no problems with this daycare. They give me close family-like vibes!

- Krischelle Chambers

"My son is learning so much, and he is only 1..."
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CC is a fantastic daycare! The teachers care about and work closely with the children, especially regarding behavioral issues. My son is learning so much, and he is only 1!

- Briana Botzen

"CC is an inviting, caring, and loving environment..."
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CC is an inviting, caring, and loving environment. They have very accommodating and understanding staff. My children have learned so much being there. I highly recommend them!

- Larreta White


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