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Preschool & Child Care Center Serving Holt, Pontiac & Lansing, MI

Welcome to Caterpillar Corner! Our journey began with a passion for education and a commitment to providing quality childcare in our community. I started as a paraprofessional for the local school district, dedicating five years to enriching students’ lives while completing my bachelor’s degree. After welcoming my own daughter, I recognized the need for a nurturing and educational childcare setting, leading to the establishment of a home childcare service for two years.

Driven by the demand for excellence in childcare, we expanded our vision, transforming the family home childcare into Caterpillar Corner LLC in 2014. As proud Holt residents for over 15 years, we have strong roots in this community, and our commitment to its families has only grown stronger.

Caterpillar Corner stands out for its dedication to meeting the unique needs of families. We proudly offer one of the largest infant classroom placements, catering to infants aged six weeks to 24 months. Our childcare services revolve around a developmentally appropriate curriculum, emphasizing educational activities that enhance growth in all areas.

We strongly believe in equal opportunities for learning and education. Regardless of race, creed, religion, national origin, or physical condition, Caterpillar Corner strives to foster an inclusive environment where every child can succeed.

Go Beyond Conventional Care With A Close-Knit Community

Our commitment is to create a second home for your little one filled with care, compassion, and a sense of belonging. Our family-centered approach ensures that your child receives quality care while thriving in an environment where love and support shape their daily experiences.
Go Beyond Conventional Care With A Close-Knit Community

Proudly Rated 4-Stars From The Great Start To Quality State Program!


Open Communication With An Onsite Director

Benefit from Regina Fancher’s two decades of dedicated experience as our onsite director. Rest easy knowing that communication and collaboration form the foundation of your child’s journey, building a strong relationship between home and daycare.

Our Mission

“We provide developmentally appropriate childcare in a safe and nurturing environment that promotes growth, development, and exploration of the child while supporting the needs of the family.”

Accelerate Their Early Learning In A Space That Nurtures Their Unique Talents & Minds!

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